iFactorAnalysis  for Professionals

The first advanced comprehensive Factor Analysis & Principal Components Analysis on  mobile devices for professionals, educators & students. 

The future of advanced mobile computing is  here!



With all the bells & whistles of a commercial quality multivariate Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) at a nominal price on  your every-day iphone/iPad devices.


iFactorAnalysis is designed & developed as a research quality tool, thus no compromise was made regarding exploratory factor analysis & principal component analysis features..

Efficient & User-friendly

High performance efficient algorithms found in AI/Machine-Learning application, are used throughout to ensure optimum speed, even for the most computationally demanding features..

The Power To Do More For Less

No more expensive hardware & costly commercial statistical software  such as SPSS. Educators & students love the ease of use in almost any lecture settings, without the hustle of computer labs and complicated software licenses to name a few. Professional will love the availability of many advanced features without having to install additional plugins, or having to code & run complicated scripts.

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